Post-Production Editing Services
Post-Production Editing Services
Post-Production Editing Services
Post-Production Editing Services
Post-Production Editing Services

Post-Production Editing Services

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If you have professional footage but have no time to edit it into a full fledged then CineComm Productions would be delighted to assist you with that!

We will help you tell your story using professional software to create your movie.
Be it a wedding, a birthday, a music video you shot and need to take the time to get onto your next project and need it edited to corporate video's, we can do it all.

With a team skilled in story telling and a great understanding of Final Cut, rest assured, you will get a professionally produced final product

A. A 1 hour sit down / meeting session with our Filmmaker to receive your content and storyboard
B. And your Final Cut (Completed video)
B. R3, 600 per day
B1. Weekend Rates - R4, 000 per day
C. That's R450 per hour
D. R500 (Weekend Rates) 

Any footage which has digital grain, is low in resolution and/or in any undesirable form to you, will not be something we can undo with post-production editing. Recorded content is recorded content and if its recorded as such, with a particular camera, at a particular setting, it is what we have to work with and we cannot undo that. It's recorded as such.

We will, however, put it together to tell your story as beautiful as possible, edit out unnecessary content and ensure to the best of our ability it's beautifully colour graded. It will maintain, at the very least, the resolution we received it in unless we're specifically requested to lower the resolution.

So with that said, ensure to please check your resolution settings, your frame rate, your shutter speed and ISO settings. Ensure to have the correct lens on and that the correct F/stops set pre- set before hitting your record button and that you're shooting in RAW and/or a picture style you want and believe me, we'll produce for you an epic post-production edit.

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