Videography Services
Videography Services
Videography Services

Videography Services

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Get professional videography services done for you today!

We are in a digital age and no longer in the analogue age where you never knew what you were going to get with your video camcorder recordings.

Now, you can tell immediately after your footage is taken with the advent of LCD screens and all and literally today anyone can produce broadcast/TV worthy content with the improvement with technology.

But, what sets the professional from the amateur?

Skill, story telling, understanding the gear. All of that makes a pro. 

Well, backed by years of experience, practise, drill, rehearse and shooting behind us, we look forward to making you or your business looking dashing! 

A. Videography services for the day using the Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless DSLR Camera
B. R450 per hour
B1. Weekend rates - R550 per hour
C. And you have the option to get Post-Production editing or to take the RAW footage as is for your own personal use.

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